What Is Vehicle Telematics? Everything You Need to Know

Vehicle telematics is becoming more and more essential to the automotive industry. Whether for the personal day-to-day car or a large 50 truck fleet business, vehicle telematics have dramatically changed the trade for the better.

In this article, we aim to help you understand what vehicle telematics is and how it can benefit you and your business. We will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions related to vehicle telematics as well.

86% of fleets now use telematics

– Teletrac Navman (2019)

Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle Telematics explained

What is Telematics?

The field of telematics comes from the convergence of two sciences: telecommunications and informatics = telematics. Originally, telematics is also broadly used in other different fields such as academics and medicine however, it is now more attributed to vehicle telematics.

Vehicle Telematics

Telematics is used in most vehicles including cars, vans, trailers, plant equipment, assets, and more. It is quite widely used for various purposes including automated vehicles, insurance purposes, auto security solutions, vehicle tracking solutions, fleet management, and more.

Vehicle telematics can help improve the efficiency of private vehicle users and organizations. Preventing accidents, providing safety and security, improving driver behaviour, improving vehicle maintenance, and saving fuel costs are just few of the many benefits of using vehicle telematics.


How does Vehicle Telematics System Works?

The diagram above illustrates the typical flow of systems used by most telematics providers. More details regarding each element below:


The vehicle information which includes location, route, driving behaviour, fuel details, and more are captured by a GPS satellite.


The tracking device installed in the vehicle gathers and records the information which is then transmitted through wireless cellular or satellite connection.


The wireless cellular or satellite network manages the communication of the tracking device and the main server.


A secured server receives all the transmitted information which is then transferred to a telematics software.


The information is managed and interpreted by a telematics software which can be viewed real-time, in any device.

Vehicle Telematics General FAQs

How Does Telematics Provider Capture Data?2021-03-22T06:28:59+00:00

There are five ways telematics provider captures vehicle information data:

  • Black box – usual device used by insurance companies; hard-fitted into the car

  • Factory fitted – built-in, hard-installed by the car manufacturer

  • On-Board Device (OBD) – removable box that is usually under the steering wheel

  • Plug and Drive – a small box that is plugged into the lighter socket

  • Mobile Phone Apps – works using phones GPS tracking technology

How does telematics provider capture data
Does My Car Have Telematics?2021-03-21T16:33:43+00:00
Does my car have telematics?

Often drivers wonder if their vehicles have a telematics system. Most brand new cars have built-in telematics. If the vehicle has been purchased from a large company or dealership, they will have to disclose information about telematics systems. For used cars or second hand cars, this is a bit tricky especially when not much information is available.

If it’s really not possible to know, telematics specialist or mechanics’ advice is needed.

Need advice regarding car telematics? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Can Car Telematics Be Turned Off?2021-03-21T09:37:26+00:00

Three types of vehicle telematics devices can be removed or “turned off” which includes On-Board Device (OBD), Plug and Drive, as well as Mobile Phone Apps.

Unfortunately, in most vehicle telematics devices such as built-in telematics in brand new cars and “black box” type of telematics such as those from insurance companies, it is virtually impossible to do so on your own. It is advised to contact the telematics company.

Some organisations are creating devices that can turn off telematics when the vehicle is not used for work.

On Board Telematics
What Cars have Telematics as Standard?2021-03-20T19:30:51+00:00

According to Berg insight, 40% of new cars in Europe have embedded telematics systems and Berg predicts 258 million telematics units installed by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) by 2023.

The majority of vehicles that are sold in 2016 onwards have built-in Wi-Fi which will mean that they have a built-in telematics system technology as it promotes safer driving for customers, will reduce insurance premiums and show vehicle diagnostics which in fact will decrease the cost of servicing.

The following vehicle brands offer embedded telematics systems:

what cars have telematics
  • BMW

  • Peugeot

  • Vauxhall

  • Citroen

  • Mercedes Benz

  • Hyundai
  • Volvo
  • Toyota
  • Renault
  • Tesla

Source: Lexalytics

Video examples of cars with built-in telematics

Vehicle Telematics for Businesses – FAQs

What Are the Vehicle Telematics Business Benefits?2021-08-04T12:24:58+01:00

Telematics can do a lot for businesses. There are endless advantages that telematics can offer; below are just a few of the many vehicle telematics business benefits.

What Are the Vehicle Telematics Business Benefits?

Interested to know more about vehicle telematics business benefits? In Car Telematics (ICT) offer various solutions for cars, vans (LCV), trucks (HGV), plant machinery, and assets. ICT takes pride in offering excellent service on telematics installation as well as high level customer support.

Contact us to discuss more about what we can do for your business.

How Does Telematics Help With Fleet Management?2021-08-04T12:26:02+01:00

Wondering what telematics can do for your business? Whether you have a company car to manage, taxi fleet, fleet of trucks, or assets to track, vehicle telematics can help.

Telematics is an essential tool that helps optimise several elements in fleet management. Telematics help with fleet management by collecting real-time data which includes location, fuel use, vehicle speed, driver behaviour, and more. It also helps identify other issues that may arise as they occur.

Having all these important information at hand allows for easier, more effective and efficient fleet management.

Data allows managers to plan ahead, improve operations and staff, ensure safety and security, and a lot more possibilities.

how telematics help with fleet management

Source: Comparesoft

Interested to know more about how telematics help with fleet management? We would be delighted to discuss this more with you! In Car Telematics (ICT) is a leading specialists in vehicle solutions. We take pride in offering excellent service on telematics installation as well as high level customer support.

Contact us to discuss more about what we can do for your business.

How Much Does Fleet Management Telematics Cost?2021-08-04T12:24:45+01:00
Fleet Management Telematics Cost

Pricing for telematics for fleet management can vary depending on many factors including size of the fleet, number of users, features or customisation requirements, implementation, and deployment.

Fleet management telematics cost is usually either annual or monthly subscription.

The subscription may include the following:

  • Fleet management software which interprets the data and can be accessed any where, in any device
  • Telematics device that needs to be installed on each of the fleet’s vehicles

  • Cloud hosting which will deploy the fleet management software
  • Tech support which is available remotely

With the endless possibilities of telematics these days, telematics cost can range from £8 to £40 per month per vehicle depending on the exact needs of the business.

In Car Telematics (ICT) can tailor a solution for your business. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and get a free, no-obligation quote.

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