Improve Your Van Fleet With Van Dash Cam and Other Essentials

Improve your business with an effective van fleet management system in place. With today’s wealth of technology advancement, vehicle telematics makes smooth van fleet operation possible.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as harsh braking, acceleration, and speeding may be monitored by fleet management. Reports are generated from the telematics data and shown on our dashboard to assist drivers learn to drive more effectively and safely, which saves money through decreased fuel consumption, wear and tear, as well as cheaper insurance rates.

Our telematics systems enable transportation companies to monitor vehicle whereabouts, utilisation times, and a variety of other factors to ensure that personnel are performing their jobs safely.

Van Fleet Management ICT

Solutions we offer:

We have prepared answered to frequently asked van fleet queries as well – Van Fleet FAQs

Tracking Solutions

Want to optimise operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity? Van tracking solutions can help you improve the day to day running of your van fleet.

Van fleet tracking gives you a full picture of your fleet’s status and position in real time. Fleet management software that is cloud-based enables for effective and efficient fleet administration from any smartphone or desktop computer. Manage your fleet from whenever, wherever.

van fleet tracking satellite gps
Track and Trace System

We have partnered with Autowatch to provide the best telematics solutions for your van fleet. The Autowatch Track and Trace ATT1 System is designed to keep track of your van using the latest in GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking technology Thatcham approved alarm systems.

  • Can be accessed and re-programmed remotely
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery System (Thatcham Insurance approved)
  • Insurance discounts
  • Small, compact covert black box
  • Detailed mapping & high accuracy (UK, Ireland, & Europe)
  • 24/7 monitoring via a control centre
  • Control module with rechargeable back-up battery

  • Can be transferred to new van owner

  • Reliable with a 3-year warranty
Optional additional features:
  • Geofence violation notification
  • Overspeed notification
  • Low van battery notification
  • Movement sensor alert
  • Link to van alarm trigger
  • Hidden emergency/panic button

Contact us to discuss your fleet tracking needs. Our professional specialists can provide you with the best options for increasing the efficiency of your van fleet.

Alarm & Immobiliser Systems

Every van fleet owner’s main goal is to keep every van from being stolen or broken into, so in addition to making it more safe, you should think about adding a deterrent to criminals.

Look for Thatcham-approved devices to ensure you have security measures that are not only effective but also recognised by your insurance. Installing a security system might also help you save money on auto insurance. If a gadget is authorised by Thatcham, you may be assured that it satisfies the necessary automotive security requirements.

van fleet imobiliser
Autowatch Ghost-II CANbus Immobiliser

The Ghost safeguards your vehicle against key cloning, hacking, and even theft.

There are no keyfobs or LED indicators on the Ghost to reveal its position. The Ghost uses your vehicle’s buttons, such as those on the steering wheel, door panels, and centre console, to create a unique, changing disarm sequence (similar to a PIN code) that must be input before you may drive. You can make your automobile disarm sequence extra safer by making it up to 20 pushes long, just like your credit card!

Learn more about Autowatch Ghost-II CANbus Immobiliser

Contact ICT to discuss Thatcham approved Alarms and Immobiliser Systems that will suit your van fleet, call 03337 720 418

Advanced Run Lock (Keyout) Systems

Your van may be securely left unattended with the engine running and the key out of the ignition using a run lock or keyout device. This system prevents opportunist theft or illegal movement while allowing auxiliary devices to operate without draining the batteries.

Operating auxiliary equipment from the vehicle battery without the engine running can rapidly result in a low battery, but keeping the engine running and the cab area unattended exposes the vehicle to theft.

Advanced keyout systems allow you to keep the car’s engine running without fear of it being relocated or stolen, saving you money on dead batteries and vehicle downtime.

Key features include:
  • Provides safety for unattended vehicles to avoid theft or unauthorised movement
  • The engine is immobilised with any unauthorised attempt to move the vehicle
  • Ideal for commercial operators that requires use of ancillary equipment such as cranes, road-side assistance, refuse collection, etc.
  • Driver is alerted when subsequent attempted restarts are made
van keyout system
Call 03337 720 418 for more details regarding run lock systems

Camera Solutions – Van Fleet Dash Cams

Back in the 1980s, the only van dash cameras available were large, clunky devices found solely in police vehicles. It’s a different story now. From cabs to vans, fleet managers all around the world are seeing the benefits of dash cameras in terms of safety, cost, efficiency, and insurance.

With the improved decision-making and fleet visibility you’ll get, the issue becomes less about whether you should acquire a dash cam and more about which one is right for you.

We have partnered with Thinkware to provide a wide range of camera solutions for van fleets. Whatever features or budget range you are looking for, our van fleet dash cams offer variety to ensure that your requirements are covered.

For more details, please refer to our camera solutions page.

Van Parking Sensors

Park your van with ease, alleviate stress, save time and money with the aid of van parking sensors. We can assist you with an aftermarket solution that will not only enhance your parking experience, but will also potentially save you money and time by avoiding a costly and time-consuming insurance claim.

Parking Sensor Systems are electronic guidance and warning systems that assist with safe reversing and also parking with ease and confidence.

Autowatch Parking Sensor Systems

We have partnered with Autowatch to provide a wide selection of professional systems to suit the majority of vehicles at competitive costs.

Parking Sensor Systems make use of a series of sensors (eyes) that can be mounted on the vehicle’s back or front bumpers. We offer a variety of sensors to meet the needs of most vehicle installations.

Ultrasonic technology is used in our Parking Sensors Systems. The sensors detect the presence of an object up to 1.5 metres away from the vehicle’s back or front and calculate its exact location.

When reverse gear is chosen, the rear parking sensors are triggered immediately. An audible indication is given every time the sensors are selected to indicate that they are operational. Depending on how near your car is approaching an object, different audio indicators are delivered. The beep becomes slower as the car gets further away. The first warning zone begins with slow auditory beeps at a distance of 1.2 metres and gets faster and shorter as the vehicle gets closer to an item. The car is 0.45 metres away when the quick auditory warning beep transitions to a steady tone. This indicates that the vehicle is close enough to an object to inflict harm if it continues on its current path.

Get in touch at 03337 720 418 to learn more about our van parking sensor systems

Van Fleet FAQs

What Does Thatcham Approved Mean?2021-08-06T19:56:00+01:00

Thatcham Research evaluates alarms, immobilisers, and other vehicle security equipment. After evaluating the characteristics and functionalities of these devices, they are awarded with Thatcham Security Certification. Thatcham Categories are the ratings given to these grades, and approved equipment are referred to as ‘Thatcham Approved.’

Following a change in Thatcham Research’s classifications, there are now seven Thatcham device categories:
What Does Thatcham Approved Mean?
Does an Immobiliser Reduce Insurance?2021-08-06T11:38:33+01:00

‘Does your vehicle have an immobiliser or alarm?’ is a common auto insurance inquiry. This is because these devices have a big influence on a car’s security, and the safer a car is, the less likely it is to be stolen.

As a result, if your automobile is equipped with an immobiliser, insurers may consider it to be less likely to be stolen, resulting in a cheaper insurance rate. Yes, an immobiliser can reduce insurance premiums. However, bear in mind that because insurance premiums are calculated based on a variety of variables, an immobiliser is not guaranteed to lower your rate owing to the effect of these other factors.

Does an immobiliser reduce insurance?

Want to know more about our alarm and immobiliser solutions? Call +44 3337 720 418 to speak with one of our experts.

Does My Car Have Immobiliser?2021-08-06T13:13:07+01:00
Does My Car Have Immobiliser?

An immobiliser is an electrical device that prohibits a car from starting without the right key or key fob.

Immobilisers were first introduced in 1992. Since October 1998, all new automobiles in England and Wales have been obliged to have factory installed immobilisers that come as standard and are installed during the production process.

If your automobile was built after October 1998, you may be confident that its immobiliser came as standard.

If your automobile was built before that date, and you want to know if it contains an immobiliser, the simplest method to find out is to contact the manufacturer or reference the owner’s handbook.

You may also have your automobile checked out by a skilled mechanic, who should be able to tell you whether or not it has an immobiliser.

What is Thatcham?2021-08-04T12:23:20+01:00

Thatcham is the motor insurers’ automotive research centre which is established in 1969 by the motor insurance industry. The aim of Thatcham Research is specifically maintaining safety standards which ultimately leads to containing or reducing the cost of motor insurance claims.

Thatcham is the only not for profit insurer funded research centre in UK with the forefront of vehicle safety, security, and repair.

What is Thatcham?
Thatcham Research so far achieved:
  • 1974 – First research to control the cost of repair (doorskins)
  • 1989 – Opened Thatcham Training to improve body repair standards
  • 1993 – Creation of Thatcham Standards to address car theft
  • 2004 – Researched better car seat design using Hyper G sled
  • 2007 – Joined Euro NCAP to add whiplash testing expertise
  • 2011 – Focused on Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • 2014 – Thatcham’s Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) Tests added to Euro NCAP’s 5 Star Rating
  • 2016 – Creation of Automated Driving Insurers Group (ADIG)

  • 2017 – Funding for research framework for assessing vehicle cyber risk
  • 2019 – New research into electric vehicles and lightweight structure
In Car Telematics ensure that most of our vehicle solutions are Thatcham approved whenever possible. Contact us to discuss a tailored package for your vehicle or fleet.
What is Geofencing?2021-08-04T12:23:30+01:00

A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area as described by Wikipedia. Geo-fence is basically a virtual geographic “fence“. Geofencing combines current location of the device with its proximity to area(s) of interest.

Set areas are dynamic and can be any shape or size; a straight line from point A to B, or a 50-mile radius from a city. Geofences can include a particular address, radius around a location, and predefined zones or boundaries. Multiple active geofences is possible as well.

Among its numerous applications, geofencing is known to be vital in telematics. With an integrated fleet tracking solution, here are few of the various ways geofencing can benefit your business:

  • Monitor the time your vehicles leave and arrive at a certain area
  • Manage and automate time sheet logging for your mobile staff
  • Receive an alert if a vehicle or asset is moved from your site without authorization

  • Gather important data to improve your operation
What is Geofencing
What Are the Vehicle Telematics Business Benefits?2021-08-04T12:24:58+01:00

Telematics can do a lot for businesses. There are endless advantages that telematics can offer; below are just a few of the many vehicle telematics business benefits.

What Are the Vehicle Telematics Business Benefits?

Interested to know more about vehicle telematics business benefits? In Car Telematics (ICT) offer various solutions for cars, vans (LCV), trucks (HGV), plant machinery, and assets. ICT takes pride in offering excellent service on telematics installation as well as high level customer support.

Contact us to discuss more about what we can do for your business.

How Does Telematics Help With Fleet Management?2021-08-04T12:26:02+01:00

Wondering what telematics can do for your business? Whether you have a company car to manage, taxi fleet, fleet of trucks, or assets to track, vehicle telematics can help.

Telematics is an essential tool that helps optimise several elements in fleet management. Telematics help with fleet management by collecting real-time data which includes location, fuel use, vehicle speed, driver behaviour, and more. It also helps identify other issues that may arise as they occur.

Having all these important information at hand allows for easier, more effective and efficient fleet management.

Data allows managers to plan ahead, improve operations and staff, ensure safety and security, and a lot more possibilities.

how telematics help with fleet management

Source: Comparesoft

Interested to know more about how telematics help with fleet management? We would be delighted to discuss this more with you! In Car Telematics (ICT) is a leading specialists in vehicle solutions. We take pride in offering excellent service on telematics installation as well as high level customer support.

Contact us to discuss more about what we can do for your business.

How Much Does Fleet Management Telematics Cost?2021-08-04T12:24:45+01:00
Fleet Management Telematics Cost

Pricing for telematics for fleet management can vary depending on many factors including size of the fleet, number of users, features or customisation requirements, implementation, and deployment.

Fleet management telematics cost is usually either annual or monthly subscription.

The subscription may include the following:

  • Fleet management software which interprets the data and can be accessed any where, in any device
  • Telematics device that needs to be installed on each of the fleet’s vehicles

  • Cloud hosting which will deploy the fleet management software
  • Tech support which is available remotely

With the endless possibilities of telematics these days, telematics cost can range from £8 to £40 per month per vehicle depending on the exact needs of the business.

In Car Telematics (ICT) can tailor a solution for your business. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and get a free, no-obligation quote.

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