Thinkware F200 2CH 16GB Dash Cam (Standard Rear)

£169.00 inc VAT

Front Camera:
• Front 1080p full HD
• Frame Rate – 30fps
• Sony Exmor CMOS 2.13MP sensor
• Night vision
• Thinkware Cloud live view
• Thinkware App compatible
• 140° wide viewing angle
• Dimensions (WxDxH) – 98.5x34x22 mm
• Weight – 54g
• GPS – Can be added with external GPS

Standard Rear Camera:
• Resolution – HD(1280 X 720)
• Camera Sensor – 1 MP, 1/2.9″ CMOS
• Frame Rate – 30fps
• Viewing Angle – ~135º (diagonally)
• Input power source – 5V DC
• Current Consumption – 1.17W
• Operation/Storage Temperature – -10℃ to 60℃ / -20℃ to 70℃


*Professional Installation Available – please contact us on + 44 3337 720 418 for availability & pricing as this can vary depending on location & model of the vehicle.

With its 1080p Sony CMOS Sensor FHD Front camera, this Thinkware F200 + Standard Rear has Wi-Fi enabled connectivity using your Smartphone via the Thinkware App, plus upgraded optics for superior day & night vision. The Thinkware F200 also features Energy Saving Parking Recording and gives 3x longer video recording than normal parking mode. It also features Safety Camera Alerts when connected to an external GPS antenna, providing drivers with regularly updated information on verified speed camera locations and known mobile speed traps.

This pack comes with an extra camera designed for mounting onto the inside rear window to record any events occurring behind the vehicle.

Thinkware F200 + Rear/Second Camera Options:
If you have a commercial vehicle with no rear window to mount the standard rear camera on but want to add a rear camera you can get the F200 + External Rear by clicking here.
If you have a taxi vehicle & want your second camera to record inside the vehicle you can get the F200 + Internal Infrared by clicking here.


Recording Capacity:
• 16GB SD Card – 124 min
• 32GB SD Card – 248 min
• 64GB SD Card – 496 min

Technology & Reliability

Super Capacitor
•Ensures durable quality without having swelling issues under any weather conditions
•Continues recording during an accident
•No limited life cycle

Advanced Video Clear Technology
• Intelligence Auto Exposure
• Smart Focusing System
• Noise Reduction System
• ACCE (Adaptive Colour &amp: Contrast System)

Thermal Protection Mode
The thermal sensor triggers the self-protection mechanism to shut down the device under extreme temperatures.

Value Added Features

Optional External GPS Receiver
The GPS signal receiver keeps track of your vehicle’s physical location as well as driving speed while it is on the road. During playback of the videos, Google Maps appear on the PC viewer screen along with the GPS information to help you trace your route and speed.

*Parking Mode (Hardwire version only)
With the built-in parking mode, the device stays on even after the ignition is off to provide impact and motion detection surveillance when you are away from your car.

Mobile App Viewer (iOS/Android)
Intuitive and easy to use, the iOS/Android mobile application provides instant video playback as well as device configuration. The F200 uses ‘Thinkware Cloud’ App.

PC Viewer
Video play back, complete access to the device setting and GPS information with an integrated user interface for Windows & Mac OS. Formatting memory card and updating firmware is also just a few clicks away.

Product Warranty: The term of this product warranty is 2 years from purchase date. (Accessories such as microSD card: 6 months)


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